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peel essay

PEEL stands for Point, Evidence, Explain and Link. The following are a part of the following. Constant practice is the key to master the PEEL essay writing. If you are well-versed with the nature of the essay, it will be easy for you to learn. Planning and research are the other key aspects of writing. So, let’s enlighten the word PEEL in an absolute clarification! In this blog, we will be catering you with the informational content defining “PEEL writing and how to structure paragraphs by implementing PEEL essay writing strategy!”


Add the Linking Statement

This is a crucial step for summarising the argument. It will frame the wider argument.


Proofread your Paragraph

Proofreading is MUST! After the completion of the essay, it’s time to proofread. It is crucial to proofread and edit your paragraph. Check out your mistakes, check spelling errors, grammatical errors , the structure of sentences and readability. For the error correction, read them loudly, read it backward and can also use any online tool to rectify your mistakes. After the error rectification, your work is ready to submit.

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