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how many pages are 750 words

How many Pages are 750 Words?

Depending upon the topic of your writing content, total word count can be either short or long. Some academic assignments although require students to write under a specific word limit. The written piece could be in the form of an essay, project report, field survey or even letters. However, writing part is easier than abiding by the word count. To ease up the hassle, it is always helpful to do good research and practice the writing. Knowing how many pages the written piece takes is certainly helpful for students as well as for the educators for marking them. This blog will help you out with the information you need about how many pages are 750 words?  


Long story short, with the size of 12 in Arial or times New Roman font, your 750 words article can take up one and a half page (when single spaced) or three pages (when double spaced).

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