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We come from molecular evolution - New chemical 'tree of life'

One of the greatest mysteries in our Universe is right here on our own doorstep. No, closer - it's in every fibre of our being.

At least 3.7 billion years ago, a few simple molecules worked together to create something new. Then a few more. And, somehow, these snowballing combinations eventually produced the first very basic living organisms that would evolve and branch out to become all life on Earth.

We don't know the order it happened in; heck, we don't even know when or where it happened. But new research is showing us the possibilities.

With a specially developed software tool, scientists in Poland and South Korea have traced the potential synthesis routes from the simple precursor molecules (prebiotics) present on early Earth to the complex biomolecules that gave rise to the planet's teeming life today.

"Although hundreds of organic reactions have been validated under consensus prebiotic conditions, we still have only a fragmentary understanding of how these individual steps combined into complete synthetic pathways to generate life's building blocks," the researchers wrote in their paper.

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