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Vanan Translation provides high-quality online translation services with a fast turnaround time, and at the most competitive prices in the industry. We have an established track that includes global clients of varied industries, spanning from hospitality, finance, IT, manufacturing, medical, educational, and many more. We have a panel of trained translation professionals with extensive practical experience to deal with projects of diverse complexities. We not only assure you quality reliability but also confidentiality, your personal information and documents will be kept safe and secure.


Pharmacovigilance Translation Services 

We’re expert pharmacovigilance translators assuring stringent quality producers for your healthcare translation needs; we have a dedicated in-house department that deals with pharmacovigilance projects. We have experience in adverse reporting & pharmacovigilance documentation and clinic hospital, medical devices, biotechnology, and diagnostic equipment translation. If you’ve any queries, you can reach out to our certified translators to discuss your project.


Amazingly Accurate Business Contract Translation Services
Exceptional Quality & Highly Demanded Legal Contract Translation Services

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Vanan Translation is a brand that has always been in news for its exceptional quality and accurate results. Although, the company is popular for most of its translation services the contract translation services are the exact copy of the output that a customer might think of. When it comes to legal documents like contracts, Vanan Translation is second to none.

This translation agency is not alone hired by the businesses in the United States but is also popularly providing services to a lot more nations on the globe. Besides, being good at offering their services to a wide variety of niches, they always end up delivering accurate and quality results to every customer. Their foundations lie in the team of translators they hold. All of the translators are certified by ATA and have years of experience performing translation in the same niche.

The team of legal experts, native linguistic specialists, and certified translators has made this organization to stand apart from all other contract translation service providers in the entire country. The only aim of this company is to satisfy their business clients and deliver customer-centric outputs.

Vanan Translation is one of the highly hired contract translation services in the nation. The need for translation for business contracts is increasing rapidly in the country and Vanan Translation is assisting most of them with accurate and complete translation results.

The United States is a country where people are more tilted towards entrepreneurship and prefer having some sort of business of their own instead of working for others. This being the reason, the country has more than 32.5 million businesses. It includes most of the offices, stores, factories, and others.

Small businesses are always considered to be the backbone of the economy of any country. And the same applies to the US as well. As per the SBA estimates, there are approximately 600,000 new businesses are being opened every single year in the United States. This number is huge looking at the population of the country. And that’s not all that the nation has. The nations also have 143 North American companies that are listed in the Fortune 500 along with the contribution of the 197 Asian based companies that comes in the list of Fortune 500.

A business is nothing without legal contracts. No business is allowed to start its operations without being legally registered and having legal contracts. The demand for legal contract translation services is increasing because all the new businesses starting in the nation wish to target international audiences and thus collaborates with foreign companies that require business contracts being signed by both ends. The translation of the contract in the local language of the foreign company thus becomes vital.

On the other hand, the business giants conducting operations internationally requires legal contracts to be signed for various reasons. For example contracts for foreign government policies, equipment/ rental space leases, contracts for buying property on foreign land, and many more.

A business requires various types of contracts or should I say need one for everything. While collaborating with other companies, a business needs legal contracts. When looking for business partners, a partnership agreement or contract is a must. The property you buy or rent also requires to sign a contract with the property owner. When you finally start establishing your office/ store you are required to buy/ lease a lot of equipment, while opting for the lease option, you again need a legal business contract for the same. While hiring individuals as your employees, a legal employment agreement is also signed between the company and the candidate. Another common type of contract needed by businesses is Nondisclosure agreements or NDA. This type of contract can be used in two different ways. Firstly, signed between the employee and the employer for not disclosing official work to others and secondly, signed between the employer and the customer/ buyer, in case if the company deals with customer data.

Regardless of the type of business contract, Vanan Translation is an expert dealing with all different kinds in more than 100 languages. They understand how one kind of business contract is different from others and work accordingly to deliver only the best. The company is also known for protecting the customer content carefully and in the best possible way. They don’t have any third-party involvement in their work process and thus keeps up the safety, security, and confidentiality of the content. They also have NDA agreements to ensure the same.

The rates offered for all the 100+ languages and their dialects are super affordable and worth the services you get. Another benefit you get by hiring their services is the super rush turnaround time and earliest delivery. They are always working customer support guides you through the estimated times and prices after discussing your project needs.

If you want to know more about Contract Translation Services from Vanan Translation, call at US: 1-866-200-5406; UK: +44-80-8238-0078 and AUS: +61-1-8003-57380 or mail at


Vanan Translation is an Online Certified Translation agency located in Columbia, USA that provides translation services all over the United States and other countries. By following the principles of USCIS certified translation; we only employ native speakers to work on your projects. We provide Certified Translation services in 100+ languages anywhere in the USA.

Our translators are adept in offering technical translations in multiple fields like Legal, Medical, Business, Finance, Marketing, Advertising, Life Sciences and listed below : 

  1. Contract Translation Services
    Translation Services Houston
    Label Translation Services
    Translation Services Phoenix
    Urgent Translation
    Vaccination Record Translation Services
    7. Pharmacovigilance translation services
    Medical Translation Services
    Medical Device Translation Services
    Arabic Translation Services
    Interview Translation Services
    Affordable Translation
    Website Translation Services
    Online Translation Services

    We assure you in providing the best document translation that guarantees high quality and quick turnaround time. 

Vanan Translation makes sure that all translations meet all requirements of the client. With a skilled translator, it offers translation at a faster turnaround time.

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