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Depression is a common mental ailment. Most people do not even realize but are depressed most of the day. While there are medications and drugs as prescribed under allopath, there are alternate methods too to cure yourself of this affliction. 

How to cure depression using alternate methods?

Being happy and satiated is the mantra for curing sadness and depression. How to be happy is the main question?

1. Start spending time with nature

Going alone or with a companion be a regular visitor to a park or a green zone. Practice gardening or bring home some green plants. Nature has her way of relieving you of stress and depression. When you breathe fresh air, it activates and energizes the cells of your brain.

2. Listen to a motivational speaker or music

Keep your thoughts engaged. Towards this end, you can listen to music, hear a motivational speaker, or indulge in anything new that is a long-lost passion of yours or a hobby that you were planning to follow for some time now. Any diversion from your usual thought process is a good way to motivate you.

3. Meditate 

One of the most effective ways to control your thoughts and bring about positivity in your attitude is to meditate. You need to learn the technique of meditating the right way. Visit a practiced expert to learn breathing meditation techniques. The coach will teach you the right way to inhale, hold the breath, and then exhale out. Different breathing techniques help you take control of your mind. When you focus on your breathing, you get your mind busy in a natural way – thereby helping it divert from depressive and frustrating thoughts. 

4. Be part of a social cause

Volunteer for a social cause because there is a different kind of happiness in doing things for others and helping them get back to their normal lives once again.