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Parenting Blogs India is the best blogger in India. They are reputed and trusted bloggers. Parenting can be a challenging task, with its myriad demands, on one hand, taking up so much physical time and the emotional aspect occupying more than its fair share. For
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Solar energy solutions are a great alternative way to power your home, business or any other establishment that runs on electricity. Solar energy makes use of renewable energy and can provide you with the same amount of solar power generation like any other resource but without harming the environment, and while offering lower costs. Here’s how businesses can take advantage of solar power: Cost savings: For any organisation or business, electricity bills will rank second, right after rents and mortgages. When running an organisation, electricity bills can cut right into your budget. However, making use of renewable energy generation of solar power to run your business can help you cut dow
Too much coffee can cause dementia after years of use
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Many of us enjoy a cup of coffee or two throughout the day, but a new study suggests that too much of the stuff could shrink brain volume and increase the risk of dementia over the long term. This was a large study as well, involving 17,702 participants aged from 37 to 73, taken from the UK Biobank project. The long-running project collects information on a host of different health and lifestyle metrics, including coffee consumption, brain volume, and disease – as well as additional data like socioeconomic status that scientists can factor in. The excess coffee risks can jump quite sharply, though you do need to be drinking a lot of the beverage: The study found that people drinking six or m
The best pre-workout warming up exercises
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When you're trying to squeeze in a quick HIIT routine or speedy full-body strength workout, the last thing you probably want to do is tack on an extra five-minute warm-up. But just a few simple warm-up exercises can make a pretty big difference when it comes to your performance and recovery. "Warming up before a workout is extremely important," says fitness instructor and trainer at bande Mindy Lai. "When your muscles are cold, they are harder to move. If you hop into a class with zero warm-up or stretch, chances are you'll walk out with an injury." Beyond injury prevention, easing in with a warm-up can activate your central nervous system and help prepare your body for movement. Lai also ad
NASA's Juno probe is listening for strange radio signals from Jupiter's volcanic moon
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The Juno spacecraft has gotten a private radio show from Jupiter's closest moon, the highly volcanic Io. NASA's Juno spacecraft is "listening" in on radio emissions from Jupiter's volcanic moon Io, allowing researchers to discover what triggers the strange radio waves. Of all the planets in our solar system, Jupiter has the largest and most powerful magnetic field, which extends so far that some of the planet's moons orbit within it. Because Io is closest to the planet, the moon is "caught in a gravitational tug-of-war" between Jupiter and two other large moons, according to NASA. These opposing pulls cause massive internal heat, which has led to hundreds of volcanic eruptions across the moo
Naomi Osaka lit the boiler and opened the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo - the best shots
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Naomi Osaka, four-time Grand Slam tennis champion, had the honor of lighting the Olympic cauldron at the Opening Ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics on Friday. The torch always finishes its long journey in the Opening Ceremony venue, being carried around the stadium by notable athletes or other figures from the host country. Those athletes are a closely guarded secret until the ceremony actually happens, so Osaka's presence was a huge surprise. #Tokio2020 #NaomiOsaka #Tokio #Olympics #sports #Japan Full Article >>
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How to Get Maximum Benefits of Peering & Internet Exchange in India
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Internet Exchange Peering happens when one internet network connects to another directly. This interconnection enables faster throughput and exchange of information. This exchange helps to distribute traffic over the connections. Customers won’t have to pay third-party providers to carry their traffic over the connection. The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is a free routing protocol which allows peering between ISPs.   Here’s how you can get maximum benefits of peering and internet exchange in India:   Optimize routing database entry Make sure you have all your routing data in just one routing database. These databases can be IRINN, TRAI, etc. You can make use of these databases unless you
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