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'It’s not just that it was a singular year cinematically. People were thinking heavy thoughts about what it was to shift from one millennium to another'

Was 1999 the best year in motion pictures? The Toronto Film Festival’s artistic director Cameron Bailey and programmer Brad Deane seem to think so, and they’ve got a lineup of 23 movies to prove it. With titles as diverse as Three Kings, the animated Iron Giant and The Talented Mr. Ripley, the series “1999: Movies at the Millennium” will run at Toronto’s Lightbox from Jan. 6 through Feb. 10.

“We are both old enough to remember 1999,” says Bailey, 55. (Deane will cop only to being “considerably younger.”) Working as a film critic at the turn of the century, says Bailey, “I remember even then really being struck by what a strong year for films it was.” With the promise and possible peril of Y2K on people’s minds, many of the year’s titles “seemed to reflect a growing uncertainty with how we perceived the world.”

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