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In one of the largest and most anticipated UFC event in recent years, UFC 229’s Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov matchup ends in absolute madness. In the beginning of the match, McGregor displayed his takedown defense, but it would prove not to be enough. Nurmagomedov would eventually take him down, and apply pressure for the duration of the round, crossing McGregor’s guard at ease. The next few rounds would follow a similar pace, with two fighters standing up for some striking exchanges. Nurmagomedov displayed a comparable level of boxing, comfortably standing up with tenacity. McGregor would use a lot of straight kicks to Khabib’s stomach, but each round the Russian fighter would score a takedown after. In the fourth and final round, however, Nurmagomedov would get a rear-naked choke — which wasn’t fully locked in under McGregor’s neck — forcing him to tap.

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