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While Mandalorian and Baby Yoda merch has disappointed, Williams Sonoma is extending its plot to cash-in on your desire for branded cookware. The latest effort combines two crazes: Instant Pot and Star Wars. The multipurpose pressure cooker is perfectly sized for paintjobs referencing droids and other characters from the series, and come in three size options.

The BB-8 styled Duo Mini 3QT can be had for $79.95, while a six quart version comes in three different paintjobs for $99.95: Darth Vader, R2-D2 or Storm Trooper. The Star Wars Instant Pot Duo 8QT is the largest one with a Chewbacca look, and it costs $119.95.

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Arizona City, United States
27.11.2019 (62 days ago)