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California has experienced its two biggest quakes in two decades, so when will the "Big One" hit? There's no real way to know.

Seismologists say that the city of Ridgecrest, near the epicenter of both quakes, may be in for more aftershocks — with a small chance of an even bigger quake to come.

But that won't affect whether or not a long-feared earthquake of up to magnitude 8 could occur along the San Andreas Fault, which hits the California coast near San Francisco and then runs down the state, passing to the east of Los Angeles.

In general, one quake makes another more likely — but only on connected fault systems. The quakes near Ridgecrest happened on a system of relatively small faults in Kern County, just over 100 miles east of Bakersfield.

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07.07.2019 (103 days ago)