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Every time she takes the floor, Simone Biles changes her sport. She does moves no other woman has done, and few men even try.

ike the rest of America, Biles wanted to get another look at her historic triple twisting-double somersault pass on floor exercise, and she didn’t really want to wait another two hours to do it. So with time to kill until the rest of the rotation was complete, she dug her phone out of her gym bag, went on Twitter and found NBC’s video of it.

And then she retweeted it.

"I didn’t want to be the last person to see it!" Biles said, laughing.

"I just made sure I landed it OK," she added. "I wanted to see how it looked."

There is where her mere mortality ends, however.

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Arizona City, United States
13.08.2019 (118 days ago)
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