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Here are the free games, movies, ebooks, video tools and more to help you survive self-quarantine.

In recent days, we've seen a dramatic shift in how communities are responding to the coronavirus. With schools, stores, restaurants and theaters closed -- and a top contender for Merriam-Webster's word of the year to be "social distancing" -- we all need lots of ways to entertain ourselves. And since we'll all be spending a lot of time at home going forward -- and money is already growing increasingly tight for millions -- the less that entertainment costs, the better. Thankfully, there's a plethora of free content available online. We've rounded up everything we can find below, from video streaming to distance learning to gaming and more. And we'll be expanding this list as we find more options.

And if you're asking "What's the catch?" -- it's basically twofold. Firstly, many of these services are ad-supported -- just like good old-fashioned commercial TV. And secondly, like everything else online, they're undoubtedly harvesting data from you. So before you sign up and dive in, just keep those two things in mind.

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