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We all know the best bit about Christmas isn't actually the day itself, it's the exciting preamble that leads up to it - where it's all about cramming in as many festive films as possible, shoving tinsel into every crevice of your house and a near-constant stream of roast dinners. That's the bit that should last forever, because it's absolutely ace.

Well, it turns out that people who start those gleeful Christmas preparations nice and early are actually happier people.

According to psychoanalyst Steve McKeown, people who get in the festive spirit sooner rather than later are generally more excited by life, which obviously is a pretty good thing.

McKeown also reckons the nostalgia that we associate with getting all the classic Christmas decs out takes us back to the days when we were kids - back in the day when we had no work, no bills, no responsibilities, no dramas... times were good.

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Arizona City, United States
04.11.2018 (137 days ago)