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Nineties nostalgia brands need money. Cannabis might be the answer.

Arizona Iced Tea, as Eater once noted, has "always been cool." The company produces the tallboy of iced teas, almost always for 99 cents a pop, the aluminum cans coated in so many distinct patterns and fluorescent colors that they stick out in refrigerators at the CVS or the local corner store or the gas station like no other. They are remnants of the 90s, of an optimistic decade long gone, but they're still around in most of the same forms. For millennials, the product has seemed to grow up with us. It made Arnold Palmer and golf cool before we ever accepted the sport wasn't lame. In May, for the opening of his new Mission Chinese Food in Brooklyn, emo chef Danny Bowien even built a menu around the brand.

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Arizona City, United States
09.08.2019 (120 days ago)