Recently Added Public Sites — NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope helped an international team of astronomers find that an unusual object in the asteroid belt is, in fact, two asteroids orbiting each other that have comet-like features.
3 days ago 0 comments From Alex — Jake LaMotta, the volatile boxing Hall of Famer and unlikely muse for the movie classic “Raging Bull,” died peacefully after a bout of pneumonia. He was 95. Though once the world middleweight champion and a renowned fighter, LaMotta became best known in his later years through Robert De Niro’s portr…
3 days ago 0 comments From Alex — It's great for gaming couples, though there may be a *few* singletons there.
3 days ago 0 comments From Alex — MEXICO CITY -- A powerful earthquake jolted central Mexico on Tuesday, cracking building facades and scattering rubble on streets in the capital on the anniversary of a devastating 1985 quake.  The quake caused buildings to sway sickeningly in Mexico City and sent panicked office workers streaming i…
4 days ago 0 comments From Alex — Someone has made a prediction the world is going to end. It’s not.
4 days ago 0 comments From Alex
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