Recently Added Public Sites — These days the most effective diversion laptops ar skinny and powerful, whereas not too way back you’ll have one or the opposite, however not each. though most computer gamers would possibly swear to full-blown desktops, diversion laptops ar a darn fine various during a rather more portable — and ty…
18 hours ago 0 comments From laptopzone — From tiny snowflakes to the jagged fork of a lightning bolt, it's not hard to find examples of fractals in the natural world. So it might come as a surprise that, until now, there have remained some places these endlessly repeating geometrical patterns have never been seen. Full Article >>
Yesterday 0 comments From Alex — NASA has carried out its first all-female spacewalk, but hints of outdated thinking about women in space remain. Two astronauts spent their workday floating in outer space, their spacesuits tethered to the International Space Station so they didn’t drift away. And for the first time in history, th…
Yesterday 0 comments From Alex — A blue cheese made by Rogue Creamery in southern Oregon has topped the 2019 World Cheese Awards. The event took place Friday in Bergamo, Italy, where cheeses from around the globe were judged over a single day by technical experts, retailers, buyers and food writers. They looked for color, consiste…
Yesterday 0 comments From Alex — Scientists say fossils found in Morocco suggest the practice of forming orderly lines may date back 480 million years and could have had evolutionary advantages. Their study, published Thursday in the journal Scientific Reports, describes groups of blind trilobites—known as Ampyx—all facing in the …
2 days ago 0 comments From Alex
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