Browse Sites By Tag: time — Researchers have crafted a time-reversal algorithm for quantum computers and showed that it is near impossible for time reversal to happen in nature. Time: it's constantly running out and we never have enough of it. Some say it’s an illusion, some say it flies like an arrow. Well, this arrow of tim…
4 days ago 0 comments From Alex — The longer you sleep, the higher your risk of cardiovascular disease or death is, found the research on 116,000 people, led by experts at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. Full Article >>
05.12.2018 0 comments From Alex — One of the weirder aspects of quantum mechanics could be explained by an equally weird idea – that causation can run backwards in time as well as forwards.
17.06.2018 0 comments From Alex — We’ve heard a lot of information about our biological clocks and how respecting our sleep cycles can have great health benefits. Usually, people think that 7-8 hours is enough, but that’s not always the case.
11.06.2018 0 comments From Alex — Have you always had a burning desire to travel through time? Good news! You are already doing it. You are moving through time at quite the speed, even if you’re sitting comfortably at home on your sofa. There’s only one issue, you can only move in one direction.
27.11.2017 0 comments From Alex — The publisher of Time, People and Sports Illustrated agreed Sunday to be sold to another big magazine publisher, Meredith. Meredith, which has Better Homes & Gardens and Shape among its titles,  said it will buy Time Inc., once one of the nation's most influential publishing powerhouses after it…
27.11.2017 0 comments From Alex — This is kinda wild, and we kinda love it. 
06.11.2017 0 comments From Alex — Money can't buy happiness, right? Well, some researchers beg to differ. They say it depends on how you spend it. A recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests that when people spend money on time-saving services such as a house cleaner, lawn care or grocer…
29.08.2017 0 comments From Alex — One Nation senator Pauline Hanson causes controversy by wearing a burka to Question Time in the Upper House, and receives an emotional dressing down from Attorney-General George Brandis.
17.08.2017 0 comments From Alex — We’ve all been forced to do it: create a password with at least so many characters, so many numbers, so many special characters, and maybe an uppercase letter. Guess what? The guy who invented these standards nearly 15 years ago now admits that they’re basically useless. He is also very sorry.
08.08.2017 0 comments From Alex