Browse Sites By Tag: technology — Exxon Mobil on Monday said it plans to invest $50 billion in the United States over the next five years, saying its decision is partly due to corporate tax cuts. The investment, $15 billion of which had already been announced, will go towards increasing production in the Permian basin in western Tex…
30.01.2018 0 comments From Alex — The official Boring Company flamethrower “starts shipping in spring.”
29.01.2018 0 comments From Alex — With nearly one million more digits than the previous record holder, the new largest prime number is the 50th rare Mersenne prime ever to be discovered
05.01.2018 0 comments From Alex — If you're like most of our readers, you're probably reading this right now on your mobile, which means there's also a chance you're reading it on a broken, fragmented phone screen.
20.12.2017 0 comments From Alex — Elon Musk has made a rather bizarre announcement on Twitter, claiming the first launch of his new mega rocket will be used to take his very own Tesla Roads
03.12.2017 0 comments From Alex — Have you always had a burning desire to travel through time? Good news! You are already doing it. You are moving through time at quite the speed, even if you’re sitting comfortably at home on your sofa. There’s only one issue, you can only move in one direction.
27.11.2017 0 comments From Alex — The Federal Communications Commission is planning to ditch net neutrality, which requires internet providers to treat all data online equally. A Portuguese internet provider shows what the American internet could look like if net neutrality is scrapped. One company charges people more for additional…
21.11.2017 0 comments From Alex — Hackers stole the personal data of 57 million customers and drivers from Uber Technologies Inc., a massive breach that the company concealed for more than a year. This week, the ride-hailing firm ousted its chief security officer and one of his deputies for their roles in keeping the hack under wrap…
21.11.2017 0 comments From Alex — When you think of flying cars, you might picture something out of The Fifth Element or Harry Potter. They may have an air of sci-fi about them but, according to Uber, it won't be long until they become a reality. In fact, they could be in the sky by 2020.
14.11.2017 0 comments From Alex — Bitcoin climbed past $7,000 for the first time, breaching another milestone less than one month after it tore through the $5,000 mark.
02.11.2017 0 comments From Alex