Browse Sites By Tag: science — Sorry, folks. This is it. If new research is correct, this could be the best it's going to get for humanity in terms of physical fitness. According to the paper, humans have biological limitations - and there may be no more improvements for the species.
4 days ago 0 comments From Alex — Elon Musk has made a rather bizarre announcement on Twitter, claiming the first launch of his new mega rocket will be used to take his very own Tesla Roads
10 days ago 0 comments From Alex — NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft, the farthest spacecraft from Earth, just turned on some of its thrusters that haven't been used since 1980. Currently the only spacecraft we've ever sent to interstellar space, Voyager 1's attitude control thrusters – which it had used to point its antenna towards Earth …
10 days ago 0 comments From Alex — Have you always had a burning desire to travel through time? Good news! You are already doing it. You are moving through time at quite the speed, even if you’re sitting comfortably at home on your sofa. There’s only one issue, you can only move in one direction.
27.11.2017 0 comments From Alex — Seeking to prove that a conspiracy of astronauts fabricated the shape of the Earth, a California man intends to launch himself 1,800 feet high on Saturday in a rocket he built from scrap metal.
21.11.2017 0 comments From Alex — Astronomers recently scrambled to observe an intriguing asteroid that zipped through the solar system on a steep trajectory from interstellar space—the first confirmed object from another star.
20.11.2017 0 comments From Alex — Scientists have found strong evidence that 2018 will see a big uptick in the number of large earthquakes globally.
20.11.2017 0 comments From Alex — Over 15,000 scientists around the world have issued a global warning: there needs to be change in order to save Earth.
14.11.2017 0 comments From Alex — When you think of flying cars, you might picture something out of The Fifth Element or Harry Potter. They may have an air of sci-fi about them but, according to Uber, it won't be long until they become a reality. In fact, they could be in the sky by 2020.
14.11.2017 0 comments From Alex — The world may seem like it’s in shambles, but ocean scientists are having quite a run. Over the last year, the ocean has periodically belched up prehistoric deep sea creatures for photographing, studying, and nightmaring over. The latest find? The brutishly ugly and scientifically storied frilled sh…
14.11.2017 0 comments From Alex