Browse Sites By Tag: robot — The victim was a $2,000-per-day rentable humanoid robot. According to Promobot, a number of robots were making their way to the booth around 7 p.m. when one of them stepped out of line and into the parking lot roadway. Full Article >>
08.01.2019 0 comments From Alex — Lionfish are threats to not only fragile coral reef ecosystems, but the divers who keep them in check. They not only take advantage of unsuspecting fish populations, but carry poisonous spines that make them challenging to catch. Student researchers at Worcester Polytechnic Institute may have a solu…
27.08.2018 0 comments From Alex — The robot acrobats can flip through the air and stick a landing every time
29.06.2018 0 comments From Alex — Boston Dynamics founder Marc Raibert followed that up today at the TechCrunch Sessions: Robotics conference at UC Berkeley with surprising news for the secretive company: SpotMini is coming to market, and soon. The company is planning to build 100 units later this year.
12.05.2018 0 comments From Alex — Saudi Arabia has become the first country to give a robot citizenship. The move is an attempt to promote Saudi Arabia as a place to develop artificial intelligence – and, presumably, allow it to become a full citizen. But many pointed out that those same rights aren't afforded to many humans in the …
27.10.2017 0 comments From Alex — There are certain areas of the Red Planet that may be off limits to future explorers, robotic or human. These are the Special Regions.
16.08.2017 0 comments From Alex — "Planetary Protection Officer" has a nice ring to it, no?  Last July, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) opened a post for a "Planetary Protection Officer" and it sounds like a dream come true for those folks who have always wanted to be Shaider.
02.08.2017 0 comments From Alex — Facebook shut down its AI system after it created a language humans do not understand, and was eventually forced to revert to English.
01.08.2017 0 comments From Alex —’m sorry to inform you that perhaps some robots are taking this whole “be more human” thing a bit too far. I’ve seen people make jokes about jumping into a river or out of a window when they feel distressed, but one DC-based security robot appears to have interpreted this on a…
19.07.2017 0 comments From Alex — When Facebook designed chatbots to negotiate with one another, the bots made up their own way of communicating.
15.06.2017 0 comments From Alex