Browse Sites By Tag: health — Tobacco enemas? Mercury pills? Ice pick lobotomies? A new book explains how throughout history, miracle "cures"... Since the beginning of time, humans have been searching for ways to make ourselves feel better fast. Unfortunately, history has shown that many of those ways — cannibalism, cocaine toot…
7 days ago 0 comments From Alex — Psilocybin - the hallucinogenic ingredient in mushrooms - may help in depression, a study suggests.
8 days ago 0 comments From Alex — Provides nutrients such as 36% of the daily recommended intake of Vitamin K, 25% of manganese and 24% of vitamin C They’re low in cholesterol, low in sodium and low in saturated fat They reduce your risk of heart attacks by 32% They’re great for your brain; just 30 ml of juice has been found to i…
24.09.2017 0 comments From Alex — Leading neuroscientist Matthew Walker on why sleep deprivation is increasing our risk of cancer, heart attack and Alzheimer’s – and what you can do about it Matthew Walker has learned to dread the question “What do you do?” At parties, it signals the end of his evening; thereafter, his new acquainta…
24.09.2017 0 comments From Alex — Selena Gomez shared a photo of the friends holding hands from their hospital beds as well as photos of her stomach following the surgery
15.09.2017 0 comments From Alex — Irritation and gloom may seem like the default mode for teenagers, but parents can help them gain a more realistic and resilient way of thinking. A clinical psychologist explains how.
10.09.2017 0 comments From Alex — Modified T cells that attack leukemia become first gene therapy approved in the United States
31.08.2017 0 comments From Alex — Drinking four cups of coffee a day could slash the chance of early death, a major study suggests.
28.08.2017 0 comments From Alex — Fifty-five years ago, Lou Tomososki looked at an eclipse for a few seconds and damaged his eye forever.
18.08.2017 0 comments From Alex — Thanks to the sudden appearance of Nazis, the threat of North Korea and the United States engaging in a very short and devastating nuclear war is now somewhat reduced. Imagine going back in time and explaining that sentence to people living in the summer of 2016.
17.08.2017 0 comments From Alex