Browse Sites By Tag: bees — Do you need another reason to love bees? Not only can our fuzzy little flower friends perform basic arithmetic, scientists have now discovered that they can recognise symbols associated with numbers. Full Article >>
06.06.2019 0 comments From Alex — Travelling the world is great because it enables you to have your eyes opened to all sorts of things you don't see at home. However, there are three things that are certain in this life, and you'll find them the world over: death, taxes and McDonald's. As such, we shouldn't even really be that surp…
23.05.2019 0 comments From Alex — Honeybees can do additions and subtractions! Honeybees are amazing! Their ability to pollinate plants is exclusively responsible for one-third of all the crops we consume daily. Not only that but they¬†have a complex language, they can communicate to the other bees via dance, and they can explain to…
06.02.2019 0 comments From Alex — Citing concerns for food production, the environment and biodiversity, the European Union moves to protect bees from a popular insecticide.
28.04.2018 0 comments From Alex — The number of bees disappearing due to Colony Collapse Disorder is significantly smaller than it was in 2016.
06.08.2017 0 comments From Alex — Two industry-funded studies have finally provided sound evidence that vastly popular pesticides called neonicotinoids are horrible for the pollinators that keep our food production system running.
03.07.2017 0 comments From Alex