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phys.org — A team led by UC Riverside geologists has discovered the first ancestor on the family tree that contains most familiar animals today, including humans. The tiny, wormlike creature, named Ikaria wariootia, is the earliest bilaterian, or organism with a front and back, two symmetrical sides, and open…
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thestar.com.my — Local fruits like durian and jackfruit could change the way we charge our smartphones or electric cars in the future, according to a study highlighted in website Popular Mechanics. Full Article >>
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abc.net.au — A marsupial lion that, in its heyday, would have had some animals "shaking in their boots", has been confirmed as a new genus. Lekaneleo, nicknamed Leo, was at home to Adels Grove and the Riversleigh World Heritage area, a short 23 million years ago. The area is a significant fossil site, once vis…
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abc.net.au — The ongoing degradation of ecosystems, the fragmenting of wildlife into smaller and smaller patches of habitat, the dominion of jobs and economic growth over environmental health, has made our ecosystems vulnerable to major upheavals such as bushfires. Full Article >>
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boredpanda.com — The moment that the whole world has been waiting for has finally come around – Australia received heavy rain, severe thunderstorms, and flash floods. The downpours have already helped to extinguish 32 bushfires in New South Wales alone as the number of fires fell from 120 to 88 on Thursday. The Bure…
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cnet.com — Bushfires have been ravaging the country for months, devastating towns, rural communities and livelihoods. Here are the best ways to help. Full Article >>
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dailymail.co.uk — Satellite images taken on Saturday showed wildfires burning around East Gippsland and Kosciuszko National Park. Full Article >>  
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mavenroundtable.io — Koala populations are among the hardest hit as bushfires rage across portions of Australia. Ecologists watching the devastating bushfires blaze across regions of Australia are warning that almost 500 million animals have died since the crisis began in September — and entire species could potentiall…
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news.com.au — An inquiry into koala populations and habitat in NSW is expected to hear evidence that more than 2000 of the native Australian marsupials may have died on the state’s north coast in recent bushfires. Ful Article >>
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news.com.au — Sydney and Melbourne could experience 50C summer days before the end of the century if greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, a new report highlights. The Climate Council’s report said more than 206 heat records had been broken in just 90 days this year including record-highest temperatures in …
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7news.com.au — The Sydney housing market has been dealt another blow, with the city named the 15th most overvalued in the world. Swiss banking firm UBS released its annual research on the world's real estate this week, with damning results for Australia's most populous city. Full Article >>
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scientificamerican.com — Nearly four decades ago zoologist Michael Thompson, then at the University of Adelaide in Australia, made an alarming discovery: invasive red foxes were gobbling up more than 90 percent of all the turtle eggs laid along the banks of Australia’s Murray River. Thompson’s surveys also revealed a dispro…
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