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19.11.2019 0 comments From aleeena — A team led by researchers out of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, has confirmed traces of water vapor above the surface of Jupiter's icy moon Europa. And that's a big deal as the tiny space rock is one of the highest priority targets in NASA's search for extraterrestrial l…
19.11.2019 0 comments From Alex — The cost of a subscription to Disney+ in Canada is $8.99 a month — well below the price of what was being sold online. Thousands of Disney+ accounts have been hacked and are being sold online on the dark web, according to a report published Monday. Full Article >>
19.11.2019 0 comments From Alex — “It’s a freakishly weird configuration," a planetary astronomer said. It takes two to tango, or so they say of humans. It turns out the same can be said about a neighboring planet's moons. According to new research published in the journal Icarus last month, two of Neptune’s tiny moons — Naiad and…
18.11.2019 0 comments From Alex — Under the right circumstances, individual electrons can form partnerships that allow them to zip effortlessly through special materials called superconductors - letting them conduct electrical current without resistance. Full Article >>
18.11.2019 0 comments From Alex — Alternative facts are spreading like a virus across society. Now it seems they have even infected science – at least the quantum realm. This may seem counter intuitive. The scientific method is after all founded on the reliable notions of observation, measurement and repeatability. A fact, as estab…
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