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The metro is a meeting place for atypical people, but thanks to them the journey becomes more joyful.
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27.07.2017 · From Alex
Najlepsze podróżnicze fotografie w konkursie National Geographic Traveler 2016.
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10.07.2016 · From patryker
W wakacje nie warto tracić czasu na siedzenie w domu przed komputerem czy telewizorem.
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26.06.2016 · From patryker
Cloud9 to pływający bar w rejonie wyspy Fidżi Mamanuca. Gwarantuje piękne widoki i może pomieścić do 100 osób.
Categories: Podróże 
16.06.2016 · From patryker
Photographer Andreas Rutkauskas traveled 8.891 kilometers along the border between the United States and Canada. During the trip he made many beautiful photos proving a good relationship.
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26.03.2016 · From Alex
Here's how the real everyday life in Cuba.
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20.03.2016 · From Alex
Last year in the mountains of the Hubei province in China 100 hectares of lush vegetation was found deep in a cave. The cave sits 950 feet below the ground and has been hidden away from the public for…
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13.03.2016 · From Alex
The Japanese have a sense of humor and positive attitude to life. These pictures are proof of this.
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28.02.2016 · From Alex
Pilot Felix Gottwald decided to share a view which sees every day at work.
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07.02.2016 · From Alex
At the end of 2015 a circular bridge between Rocha and Maldonado was built on the southern coast of Uruguay. The bridge took 12 months to complete and it's meant to slow all of the cars down so that t…
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31.01.2016 · From Alex
    In Russia should ride jeep, possibly a tank. These photos confirm that Russia is a state of mind. After all, is a country with many fantastic people, worthy of a visit.
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03.12.2015 · From Alex
Each of us would like to avoid the hospital. However, when it comes to aesthetics in Barcelona (Spain) is probably the most beautiful hospital in the world.
Categories: Travel and Landscapes  · Interesting  · English 
30.01.2015 · From exit
Thanks to the photographers you can see great crater in Siberia. The funnel of the crater is about 16.5 metres deep.
Categories: Travel and Landscapes  · Interesting  · English 
18.11.2014 · From exit
These vintage travel posters from Boston Public Library look amazing.
Categories: Travel and Landscapes  · Art  · History  · Vintage  · English 
29.09.2014 · From exit
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