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The metro is a meeting place for atypical people, but thanks to them the journey becomes more joyful.
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27.07.2017 · From Alex
One artist wanted to see how works Apple Pencil on his iPad Pro. He decided to use motifs from monsters. The effect is quite funny.
Categories: Funny  · Art  · English 
17.04.2016 · From Alex
This form of street art definitely improves mood.
Categories: Art  · Funny  · English 
10.04.2016 · From Alex
We never know what awaits us in transportation.
Categories: Funny  · English  · Strange 
20.03.2016 · From Alex
Some inventions are practical and at the same time funny.
Categories: Amazing  · English  · Funny 
13.03.2016 · From Alex
The Japanese have a sense of humor and positive attitude to life. These pictures are proof of this.
Categories: Funny  · English  · Japan  · Travel 
28.02.2016 · From Alex
Fashion in the 90s looked very different from today. It was more fun.
Categories: Funny  · 90s  · Fashion  · English 
28.02.2016 · From Alex
Italian artist Marco Schembri decided to freshen up a famous corporate logos. He did it in a pretty funny way.
Categories: Art  · English  · Funny 
28.02.2016 · From Alex
Next time these people should not be ashamed.
Categories: Funny  · English 
14.02.2016 · From Alex
It is also for Valentine's Day approaches with humor and distance. Here are the 15 funniest cards Valentine's Day 2016.
Categories: Funny  · English  · Love 
14.02.2016 · From Alex
15 movies posters that really in a humorous way you can judge.
Categories: Art  · Movies  · Funny  · English 
17.01.2016 · From Alex
This is probably the 20 most horrific photos of Santas. They probably mistook Christmas with Halloween.
Categories: English  · Christmas  · Creepy  · Funny 
13.12.2015 · From wabik
    If you want to make yourself or your loved one a Christmas surprise is worth to visit the collection 'Tipsy Elves'.
Categories: English  · Funny  · Fashion 
07.12.2015 · From Alex
    In Russia should ride jeep, possibly a tank. These photos confirm that Russia is a state of mind. After all, is a country with many fantastic people, worthy of a visit.
Categories: English  · Russia  · Travel  · Funny 
03.12.2015 · From Alex
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