The two technologies accept altered requirements for tension compression force sensor ambition thickness. The electric acreage of a capacitive sensor engages abandoned the apparent of the ambition with no cogent assimilation into the material. Because of this, capacitive sensors are not afflicted by complete thickness.

The alluring acreage of an eddy-current sensor accept to access the apparent of the ambition in adjustment to abet currents in the material. If the complete is too thin, abate currents in the ambition aftermath a weaker alluring field. This after-effects in the sensor accepting bargain acuteness and a abate arresting to babble ratio. The abyss of assimilation of the sensor's alluring acreage is abased on the complete and the affluence of the sensor's aquiver alluring field.

Target Abstracts and Alternating Targets

Capacitive and eddy-current sensors acknowledge complete abnormally to differences in ambition material. The alluring acreage of an eddy-current sensor penetrates the ambition and induces an electric accepted in the complete which creates a alluring acreage that opposes the acreage from the probe. The backbone of the induced accepted and the mini-compression load cell acreage depend on the permeability and resistivity of the material. These backdrop alter amid altered materials. They can aswell be afflicted by altered processing techniques such as calefaction alleviative or annealing. For example, two contrarily identical pieces of aluminum that were candy abnormally may accept altered alluring properties. Amid altered nonmagnetic abstracts such as aluminum and titanium the about-face of permeability and resistivity can be small, but a top achievement eddy-current sensor calibrated for one nonmagnetic complete will still aftermath errors if acclimated with a altered nonmagnetic material.

The differences amid nonmagnetic abstracts like aluminum and titanium and alluring abstracts such as adamant or animate are enormous. While the about permeability of aluminum and titanium are about one, the about permeability of adamant can be as top as 10,000.

Eddy-current sensors calibrated for torque force sensor are not adequate to action at all if acclimated with alluring materials. If appliance eddy-current sensors for complete measurements, it is analytical that the sensor be calibrated for the specific complete acclimated in the application.



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