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Alex added new site — Tens of millions of Americans will feel triple-digit heat between Thursday and Sunday.  The National Weather Service (NWS) noted that 20 to 30 high temperature records could fall between the Rockies and the East Coast. There will be little relief even at night: The weather agency expects 123 record…
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Alex added new site — A suspected arson attack on Japanese anime studio Kyoto Animation has left at least 33 dead and dozens injured. The Japan Times reports that a 41-year-old suspect has been arrested following the fire, which is the deadliest mass murder incident in Japan since the 2001 Myojo 56 building fire.  Peopl…
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Alex added new site — Despite being released a whopping 11 years ago, 2008's iconic Batman flick The Dark Knight is still the highest rated superhero film on IMDb. The second film in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, it was released as a sequel to 2005's Batman Begins, and saw Christian Bale reprise his role as t…
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Alex added new site — Elon Musk doesn’t think his newest endeavor, revealed Tuesday night after two years of relative secrecy, will end all human suffering. Just a lot of it. Eventually. At a presentation at the California Academy of Sciences, hastily announced via Twitter and beginning a half hour late, Musk presented …
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Alex added new site — FaceApp now owns access to images of over 150 million users’ faces and names, according to a Wednesday-published Forbes report. Owned by Russian parent company Wireless Labs, FaceApp is a popular mobile app allowing users to add visual effects to photos of their faces to alter their facial expressi…
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Alex added new site — Finally, the gaming world is getting what it has been crying out for - an open-world adventure about a gang of cats who have to work together to find out what has happened to all the humans on their island who have disappeared. Peace Island allows users to step into a cat's shoes - or paws - to sol…
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3 days ago
Alex added new site — UK TV host and wildlife biologist Lizzie Daly and her crew were diving off the southwestern coast of England as part of their Wild Ocean Week initiative when they met this magnificent and massive barrel jellyfish. Typically, barrel jellyfish aren't bigger than meter long but this one was closer to 1…
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Alex added new site — In 139 years of record-keeping, this June was the warmest June ever recorded. But June 2019 also revealed a deeper warming reality.  The first half of 2019, January through June, finished up as the second warmest half-year on record, newly released NASA data shows. On top of that, each of the last …
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Alex added new site — Seeing countless renewable energy records broken and milestones passed has been a constant source of encouraging news for our planet. Now, we have yet another impressive stat to celebrate: in the first half of 2019, Scotland generated enough energy from wind power to supply its homes twice over. Fu…
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4 days ago
Alex added new site — Over 1 million people have responded to a Facebook event to "storm" Area 51 in Nevada. The air force base has been associated with conspiracy theories, especially those pertaining to UFOs. In a statement provided to the Washington Post, a spokesperson for the Air Force said that it "stands ready."…
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