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Alex added new site — We all know about the typical American Christmas trappings—Santa, the tree, fruitcake, etc. But what about traditions elsewhere in the world that might seem a little strange? Traditions like the Swedes watching the same Donald Duck cartoon each year, the Japanese devouring KFC, or Austria’s “bad Sa…
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Alex added new site — Some plants emit “ultrasonic clicks” inaudible to the human ear when under life-threatening stress, a new study has found. Recordings reveal each sound contains information about a plant’s current state of being. “These findings can alter the way we think about the Plant Kingdom, which has been con…
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Alex added new site — North American birds are getting smaller, a study in Ecology Letters has found, and scientists think the climate crisis is to blame. Researchers from the University of Michigan and the Field Museum in Chicago studied 70,716 dead birds from 52 different species, including sparrows, thrushes and warbl…
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Alex added new site — A trio of researchers with the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, the Hebrew University and Tiergarten Schönbrunn, Maxingstrasse, has found that giant tortoises are not only trainable, but have long memories. In their paper published in the journal Animal Cognition, Tamar Gutnick, Anton We…
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Alex added new site — Researchers have successfully reproduced the electrical properties of biological neurons onto semiconductor implantable chips. The new artificial neurons could play a critical role in curing chronic neurological diseases. Full Article >>
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Alex added new site — A tiger has made a record-breaking journey across India, trecking over 1,300 paw-aching kilometers (807 miles) in just five months. Full Article >>
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Alex added new site — My mornings are the messiest part of my day. I do not rise and shine. Instead, I hit snooze on the alarm and throw the covers over my head. As I hear the early bus shuffle through my stop outside my window, my mind fills with thoughts from the night before, with to-do lists and deadlines. The alarm …
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Alex added new site — Sydney and Melbourne could experience 50C summer days before the end of the century if greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, a new report highlights. The Climate Council’s report said more than 206 heat records had been broken in just 90 days this year including record-highest temperatures in …
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Alex added new site — When a huge dust storm on Mars—like the one in 2018—reaches its full power, it can turn into a globe-bestriding colossus. This happens regularly on Mars, and these storms usually start out as a series of smaller, runaway storms. NASA scientists say that these storms can spawn massive towers of Marti…
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Alex added new site — Move over Granny Smith and Red Delicious, there’s a hot new apple in town and it’s built to outlast them all. The Cosmic Crunch apple is hitting shelves today, promising a storage life of up to 12 months when kept in the right conditions. Full Article >>
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