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Alex added new site — We have the first direct evidence for ice on the moon, ironically from indirect light reflected off crater walls. Signs of water ice have been found in craters near the Moon's poles. The ice appears limited to smaller areas of the Moon than many expected, and its purity isn't great. Nevertheless, t…
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Alex added new site — From gerbil-tooth headdresses to ivory rings, a site in Kenya offers an unprecedented look into a 5,000-year-old herding community. Eastern Africa’s earliest herders built Lothagam North between 5000 and 4300 years ago. Megaliths, stone circles, and cairns flank the main burial mound, which…
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Alex added new site — Data from the exoplanet-hunting Kepler Space Telescope and the Gaia mission indicates that many of the known planets may contain as much as 50 per cent water. (NASA file photo for representation. Via AFP) Full Article >>
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Alex added new site — The economy is still 25% smaller than eight years ago and nearly one in five people is unemployed. Greece has successfully completed a three-year eurozone emergency loan programme worth €61.9bn (£55bn; $70.8bn) to tackle its debt crisis. It was part of the biggest bailout in global financial histo…
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Alex added new site — China is hoping to reduce the amount of energy it derives from coal by substituting it with natural gas and nuclear reactors. Beijing residents have been breathing some of the cleanest air in a decade as they begin to reap the benefits of China’s anti-smog push. Of the seven lowest monthly polluti…
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Alex added new site — Justin Bilton and his father Charlie were camping on August 11 when they became caught up in the Howe Ridge Fire. Mobile phone footage has captured the terrifying moment a father and son battled to stay alive as they drove through a forest fire. Full Article and Video >>
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Alex added new site — Blue whales are amazing - and for one community in California, they are near-neighbours. "Almost every one of them fluked up (showed their tale) while diving. We also encountered lunge feeding humpbacks in Carmel Bay as well as active Risso's dolphins and a Mola Mola Sunfish." They shot it using d…
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4 days ago
Alex added new site — NASA has released video of "a very bright" fireball that lit up the sky over Alabama just after midnight Friday morning. The official time of sighting was 12:19 a.m. CDT. Full Article >>
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Alex added new site — If you’re a guy who tends to take a woman’s looks into major consideration when choosing a prospective mate, then you might want to read this article. If you’re like most other men in this world, you’re only going to be physically attracted to ladies who are slimmed down with great figures. Of cours…
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Alex added new site —  The company that almost single-handedly introduced us to binging video has apparently gone decidedly old-school with the latest innovation being tested on its platform. That's right, Netflix is running commercials. Full Article >>
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